My Approach


I consider myself to be a veritable hybrid of art and fashion – capable of doing well in whichever activities I focus on. The nude work I chose to partake in must be in good taste and of artistic merit.

Fashion is about something that comes from within you


The Values

Busty, with a small waist, fit, curvy and voluptuous.  Hour-glass curves are always winning at the end of the day. An ample cleavage, with a small waist, fit, curvy and voluptuous. Hour-glass curves are always a winner. I am also a dancer and I consider this artform to be an inspiring source of pure beauty and harmony, I studied acting and diction in Italy. I lead a healthy lifestyle, when it comes to the nutrition and care of my body. So beauty from the inside out is very much my motto.



grace and simplicity, revealing care and good taste without affectation or excessive refinement.


Believe It

Able to adapt to different situations and conditions and with an open mind to new experiences.


Live It

Particular sensitivity to problems, ability to produce ideas, flexibility of principles, originality in designing, synthesis skills.

Our Story



I love collaborating with intelligent, original artists of all types and creating something poignant


As a model, I am enthusiastic and always curious about outdoor photo shoots, with animals and in particular and unusual places, even historical, naturalistic or ironic,, pin-up vintage themes, professionally lit artistic nudes for gallery and print, and creative avant-garde editorial/cinematic shoots.

Not just shooting

I also enjoy getting involved with music videos in a variety of styles, film projects, grass roots/celebratory arts events and live performance installations.


I enjoy myself in my work and envisage collaborating and sharing my artistic inspiration in places of incredible natural beauty, industrial locations and professional studios showing off work together with innovative and motivated photographers, stylists, sculptors, painters, directors and musicians.

We can help you in any project


As a freelance model I am only currently accepting paid work at this time. (Please see my rates at the bottom of my profile) If I have contacted you about booking me please assume I would like to be paid for my time unless otherwise expressed. I will only consider TF if it’s a unique opportunity. Thanks for your understanding.